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Bristol Upholstery Collective


Our passion is creative upholstery.






So we can answer your enquiry efficiently, please choose from the following options...

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 Upholstery Courses

All of our fun weekend and evening courses Leisure courses are booking online:


If you have any questions regarding our craft and upholstery courses or have booked and need preparation advice, please email photos of your chair here.

If you are considering the Diploma Certificate, please request an application pack here too!

 Upholstery Service

To receive an estimate from our creative upholstery team, please email photos of your item, including dimensions and any design thoughts / ideas, here.


Unfortunately we can not provide this service for Sofa's due to space restrictions in the workshop. We can just about manage 2 seaters!


We occasionally accept furniture donations if they can be matched with our Diploma syllabus or to a client who is looking for something specific.

Please send photos to and we'll see if we can allocate a next chapter destination for your furniture.

If not, there are lots of Social Enterprises and Charities that work with volunteers to reuse and recycle furniture - here are a few logo links to local places in Bristol - a quick google search will direct you to similar in your area.

Many professional upholsterers, furniture flippers and hobbyists have their eyes on Facebook market place to find their next project, so a post there would be a good idea!

Thanks for thinking of us and responsibly disposing of your unwanted furniture!

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