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Upholstery Courses & Training

Here at Bristol Upholstery Collective, we love what we do, and share not only our space but our knowledge and excitement too!


We already have a number of craft and upholstery courses running throughout the year, but please subscribe to our newsletter for updates to be the first to hear of our NEW courses we are currently designing and developing.


Please feel free to browse our courses and contact us if you need any help, advice or support booking...

AMUSF DIPLOMA - Stage 1, 2 & 3

Tutor: Harriet Page, Tom Evans, Jacqui Stephens & Tamzin Loveketch - AMUSF Tutors

As an Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers approved training centre, with the freedom to inspire your wildest creative side and personal style, we’ll be sharing our passion for truly creative upholstery and our unique approach to delivering industry-recognised qualifications. 

The emphasis is on giving you the skills to create good quality upholstery confidently – but not forgetting that ‘creative flair’ we are known for here at Bristol Upholstery Collective. 

Email for an application pack and pricing.

Chair Weekend Project

Tutor: Leigh-Anne Treadwell & BUC Teach Team Tutors


The Chair weekend workshop is a fantastic opportunity to start upholstering that project you’ve ‘been meaning to get around to doing for ages!’


Your type and condition of chair will determine what skills and processes are necessary for its restoration, and how long that may take.


Please send a photo of your project to for time scale, fabric amounts and any preparation necessary.

Upholstery Evening Classes

Tutors: Leigh-Anne Treadwell & BUC Teach Team Tutors


Evening classes are a wonderful chance to really enjoy learning traditional upholstery techniques in a mixed class where all students work on different items of furniture.


You'll benefit from seeing a variety of works be completed alongside your own project.


The beauty of a weekly class is the available time to complete homework if you wish to really make the most of tuition during the lesson - you can achieve so much more!

Guidance can be found in the Leisure Course Info Pack.

Daytime Upholstery Course

We're thrilled to offer you flexibility and convenience with our Daytime Upholstery Courses. Now, you can tailor your learning experience to your schedule, choosing from morning, afternoon, or indulging in a full-day immersive experience. This exciting opportunity enables you to embark on multiple projects and explore your creativity to the fullest.


Morning: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Afternoon: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm 

All Day: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

These courses serve as a perfect bridge between casual evening classes and our comprehensive diploma program, offering a balanced and intensive approach to advancing your upholstery skills.

ECO - Modern Footstool Project

Tutor: Leigh-Anne Treadwell - BUC Director

This project has been designed to deliver an intensive and high-level upholstery experience. It is fast-paced and fun to ensure all students achieve a beautiful handmade footstool to take home at the end of the weekend. 

This is a super satisfying weekend for complete beginners and those with some experience... here’s your chance to be unique and create your own style of contemporary footstool to be the centre point of your living room interior theme.

Weekend Workshop or 6-Week Course

Traditionally Upholstered Footstool Project

Tutor: BUC Teach Team Tutors

The perfect project for complete beginners to experience the absolute joy and satisfaction of stitching a traditional edge roll!


The Traditionally Upholstered Foot Stool Project is an action packed, enjoyable project, giving you confidence with your new upholstery skills and of course, a stunning (potential heirloom) 20" x 20" Foot Stool!


"Great value for money..."

Weekend Workshop or 6-Week Course

French Floor Cushion - 2 day Sewing Workshop

Tutor: BUC Teach Team Tutors

This 2 day Summer workshop is the perfect weekend getaway, learning sewing machine skills, overlocker control, how to make industrial buttons and invisible hand sewing techniques.

At the end of the weekend you'll know exactly how to make a stack of French Mattress style floor cushions for indoor or outdoor use, just bring along 1m of suitable fabric, and we'll provide the rest.


You will take home your very own beautifully handmade floor cushion, perfect for a picnic...                                                                 

Caning Masterclass

Tutor: Rachael South

In this fantastic one-day workshop, upholstery expert Rachael South will teach you the beautiful heritage craft of chair caning, which she inherited from her father and grandfather.  

You will be guided by Rachael through each stage of the process, learning how to get the fine split canes to weave into a glorious pattern.  

During this fantastic 1-day course you will complete a sample frame with patterned caning. Each student will be taken through all 6 stages of weaving.


All materials and tools are supplied. 

No prior experience of caning is required.

Sewing Weekend - 2 day
Box & Scatter Cushion

Tutor: BUC Teach Team Tutors

Most Armchairs have loose cushion seats, otherwise known as ‘Box Cushions’. These are often piped and have a zip to make the cover removable, commonly found on Ercol, mid-century, Parker Knoll Winged armchairs or sofas.

If you have upholstered an armchair at Bristol Upholstery Collective, you will probably need to enrol on this workshop to complete the whole chair.

The focus of this weekend is to build on your existing skills and tackle slightly more challenging sewing projects, taking on tasks and techniques using an industrial sewing machine

Design Psychology Masterclass

Tutor: Michelle Armitage

Unlock the magic of interior design and psychology in our 'Design Psychology for Creatives' masterclass with Michelle Armitage.


Learn to create deeply personalized interiors, understand personalities, conquer design hesitation, and craft unique design profiles.

Transform your approach to design, moving beyond trends to create authentic, individualised spaces.


Enrol now to design from the heart and soul!


All materials and tools are supplied. 

No prior experience is required.

Interior Design Workshop

Guest Lecturer Zoe Hewett - Interior Designer


Designed to empower you with confidence and the skills you need to tackle your own home interior project, the Interior Design Masterclass is the perfect opportunity for you to get creatively confident and experiment with ideas before committing them to the walls.


You will learn how to set a design brief and the design process, how to find and use inspiration, the rules of colour theory (and how to break them), before cementing all your learning by creating your very own moodboard to take away and use at home.

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