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Intro to AMUSF Qualification...
The Association of Master Upholsterers And Soft Furnishers (AMUSF) was founded in 1947 (then as the AMU) to protect and represent the interests of upholsterers, small furniture makers, and soft furnishers. In those days, of post war austerity, this group of master craftsmen and craftswomen were starved of the materials needed for their trades.

They felt the need for a group voice and mutual support to tackle the difficulties this caused, and in the highly regulated environment of the time, to ensure they could influence local and national government in the framing and enforcement of laws which affected them.
The upholstery qualification will be progressive, leading to a Diploma. A Pass will be required at each stage before a student can progress to the next stage.
Please click the links to find out about each Stage of the Diploma syllabus...
Stage 1 – Craft Certificate

Stage 2 – Intermediate Craft Skills
Stage 3 – Diploma
The fundamental approach to learning excellent skills in upholstery is one where students and tutors engage in discussion with lectures exploring the use of materials and processes. Where practical experience within the workshop is at the core, where students work together, enabling dialogue and work in progress to be explored by peers and tutors alike.

Students will have a sound grounding into process, technique, materials and creative, analytical and self-evaluation skills will be developed through critique.
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