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Sustainability in Upholstery

Here at Bristol Upholstery Collective, sustainability is a big part of our company values. Leading by example, we believe the future of the furniture industry is in the hands of the independent upholsterer. 

 Collectively we save over 365 chairs from landfill per  year!

Restored =
1 Chair per DAY!

5,756kg of waste!


Over 300 upholstery students per year!

 Bristol Upholstery Collective is a growing community of upholsterers. Collaborating with local designers, creating unique products and educating consumers towards 'slow interiors' and investment in longevity.

Upholstery is a practice with sustainability at its core. Every piece of furniture we save is one that has not been sent to a landfill!

From sustainability-focused events to experimenting with innovative materials and promoting rare heritage crafts - We are determined to put our sustainable stamp on the upholstery world!



Bristol Upholstery Collective Events

Our aim is to unite independent upholsterers, bringing them out of isolation to share skills, network and socialise. The future of the sustainable furniture industry is in the hands of the independent upholsterer. We are here to empower the upholsterer!


BUC events have previously focused on sustainability, exchanging knowledge and creative expression. Our August 2022 event included an illuminating talk from former lawyer Delyth Fetherston-Dilke, who is trying to change the Fire Regulation laws here in the UK and make our homes a cleaner and safer place to be. 

You can check out some of our event talks on our YouTube channel via the button below!


As an AMUSF-registered training centre, we deliver industry-standard diplomas. We are known for our creative spirit, unique approach to learning and our focus on innovative sustainable practices.

Bristol Upholstery Collective love to invite industry experts to the studio throughout the year to share their knowledge of specialist crafts. Keeping red-list heritage crafts such as caning and passementerie alive for future generations!

Innovative Materials & Sustainable Fabrics

With foam fast falling out of favour, eco-friendly alternatives are on the rise! Here at Bristol Upholstery Collective, we are always on the hunt for innovative materials and cutting down on waste. We realise it is important to keep an open line of communication with our suppliers and the upholstery community in order to keep improving our environmental footprint. 

Here at BUC, we love to support independent textile designers, not only do we get super unique pieces of furniture but we also get o support our local community, and economy! One of our favourites is Bethie tricks, whose fabrics are consciously courses and printed on natural linen or cotton. 

Check out our fabrics page!

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