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Leisure Course Guidance


We ignite curiosity and passion for the upholstery process....

Traditional upholstery is a highly labour-intensive skill, that requires years of practice. That’s what makes it an exciting and endless learning journey as you pull apart furniture to reveal the trade secrets that lie underneath.


The materials are natural, the processes enchanting… and the transformation, impressive!

6-week classes at Bristol Upholstery Collective are a wonderful chance to really enjoy learning traditional upholstery techniques in a mixed class, where all students work on different items of furniture.


You'll benefit from seeing a variety of works being completed alongside your own project.


The beauty of a weekly class is the available time to complete homework between classes if you wish to really make the most of tuition during the session with your tutor - you can achieve so much more!


'What Chair shall I bring along to class?'


Beginners are advised to start with a small project in preparation to take on more ambitious projects, attending an additional term, once familiarised with the traditional tools and materials. Have a look through the student examples below, and start your upholstery adventure by booking an 6-week course that suits you.

We’ll get you there comfortably…

Manage your expectations and take our expert advice...


"Sprung Dining Chair"

Approx 6 weeks to traditionally rebuild - total reupholstery job.

1m of fabric

"Nursing Chair"

Approx 6 - 10 weeks to traditionally rebuild - total reupholstery job.

2.5m - 4m of fabric

"Armchair or Technical chair"

Approx 10 - 18 weeks to traditionally rebuild - total reupholstery job.

4m - 6m of upholstery fabric.

You may need to book onto a box sewing workshop to complete the loose cushion seat.

Book a 6-week course that suits you...



Morning: 10 am -

Afternoon: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

All Day Daytime: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Evening: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Duration: 6-week term


Morning, Afternoon & Evening - £250 inc. tool hire, materials and tuition.

All Day - £395 inc. tool hire and tuition. Materials are an additional cost

10% Student discount on Fabric. (Not included.)

No experience or tools are necessary.


If your seat has a ‘Loose seat cushion’ you’ll need to attend the BOX CUSHION SEWING workshop too!

This sewing skill is not taught in 6-week classes due to the nature of the tutor's attention required.

Please see our 'Sewing Weekends' page to learn piping, zips and cushion making.

PLEASE NOTE: Sprung Dining Chairs and smaller projects can be achieved in a 6-week term - anything more technical may take longer.

This 6-week traditional upholstery term is very much dictated by what your chair needs.

Please be prepared to book another term to complete your project if necessary.

If you can't make a regular class, consider attending a Weekend Chair Workshop...
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