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Upholstery Summer School 
Monday 5th to Friday 9th August 2024


Our Upholstery Summer School promises to be an action packed practical week to yourself, during the kids school summer holidays. 

In need of a sanctuary? Fix up your chairs and learn skills whilst you escape.

With a variety of projects to choose from, you can book a full 5 day week, per project, or per individual day. What would suit you?


Enrolling now... 

Book per day or full week.


"This is a brilliant opportunity to start an upholstered piece that is perhaps slightly larger and more ambitious than we usually allow in class."


Perhaps you've a Chaise Lounge, small 2-seater or large Armchair that would take longer than our usual 2 day weekend workshops to complete.


Your item can stay in the studio overnight rather than carry it back and forth as you would for weekly evening classes.


Not sure where to start?

Send us photos of your potential projects.


Our Studio Coordinator will help you prepare, estimate fabric amounts, the time your project will take and advise on suitable options... ( that's if you can't choose between your pile of chair projects).


Price includes upholstery materials - you'll need to purchase your fabric in advance and bring it with you.

Choose from a list of our usual projects, including the kit ready footstools, French Floor Cushion or of course you can choose to bring along a chair (or two).

Example: Monday & Tuesday you could complete the ECO footstool, and book an additional 3 days to bring along an  winged armchair for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Places are limited - early booking in advance is recommended to guarantee you a place.

During the 6 weeks school break

Tutors: Leigh-Anne Treadwell & BUC Teach Team


Venue: UP Studios, Unit 26, Barton Hill Trading Estate, Maze Street, BS5 9 TQ

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Cost: £250 - £625

Mix it up...
Choose how to make the most of your upholstery school experience

Project 1 - The Ambitious Chair
£1oo per day or 5 for £450 - includes materials

Project 2 - ECO Footstool Kit
2 Days £325 + 3 days chair upholstery

Project 3 - Traditional Footstool Kit
2 Days £295 + 3 days chair upholstery

Project 4 - French Floor Cushion
2 Days £250 + 3 days chair upholstery

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