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Our talented Upholsterers

Bristol Upholstery Collective Upholstery Team

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"I am incredibly proud to offer to you the services of our affiliated upholstery team.

To work with such talented craftspeople, sharing values and success stories is an absolute joy!"

Leigh-Anne Treadwell

Creative Director - Bristol Upholstery Collective

Our Story

The Collective

shares a passion for creative upholstery. Having achieved the highest level of Traditional and Modern Upholstery AMUSF qualification, our upholsterers have set up their independent professional studios, share our values and stay connected to collectively deliver quality services.

We love what we do, and it shows in the work we produce.

Our Values

Our Services

We are proud to offer the sustainable service of upholstery as dedicated and enthusiastic craftspeople. We believe the future of the furniture industry is in the hands of the independent upholsterer, bringing value, longevity and bespoke design. You can trust us to be honest, and respectfully take care of your well-loved chairs for future generations to enjoy.

We restore upholstered items of all ages, bringing them back to life ready for another chapter exactly how you need them to. Using our skills and knowledge of traditional & Modern upholstery techniques we restore antiques, heirlooms and everyday statement chairs.

We work with Artists and designers in collaboration to create unique products for interiors as well as commercial venues.

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Chairs by Bey

How to commission an upholsterer...


Get your email request ready! Use the link to fill out our consultation questionnaire. 

Take photos of your project and the room in which it sits. Be as detailed as you can to make the most of the upholsterer's guidance and get an accurate estimate for price and fabric quantities.


Send your photos with a brief description of your requirements to and we'll introduce you to a suitable upholsterer for your project.




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Your upholsterer will reply to your email with an estimate to make arrangements for your fabric consultation. This may be done online with fabric samples being sent to you directly or in person. You can browse our fabric supplies below.

Once you have chosen your fabric the estimate will be adjusted accordingly.

A 50% deposit is required to initiate work and a drop-off time will be arranged.

The remaining balance is paid upon completion and you can collect your newly upholstered item. 

Meet our upholsterers

Each Upholsterer has a wealth of experience and although they mention particular interests and specialisms, they can fulfil all of your upholstery needs. 

Please scroll through their photos to see examples of work produced.

Lucy is from a family of Artists, vehicle trimmers, furniture restorers and seamstresses. Growing up around this craftsmanship has ignited a passion for creating bespoke upholstered pieces using Modern and Traditional techniques.

As a fully AMUSF-qualified upholsterer with a well-equipped studio, Lucy can offer a wide range of services; Armchairs, small sofas, dining chairs, banquette seating, footstool, seat cushions, scatter cushions and bespoke headboards.

Harriet Page is the Lead Tutor at Bristol Upholstery collective. With a passion for simplistic design, sumptuous sustainable materials and a good'ol chair story, Harriet is an expert upholsterer keen to work with you to bring your furniture into the modern day.

Environmentally conscious, Harriet is responsible for creating stylish and sustainable upholstered items and will suggest alternative materials and fabrics to meet your bespoke needs. 

Make your furniture reflect you and fit your lifestyle.

Chair-obsessed Jacqui is a talented upholsterer with a passion for creativity and interior design.

Whilst studying 3 years of traditional and modern upholstery techniques, Jac was a 'straight A' student and won 'Student of the Year' in 2021 for commitment to the collective values.

Jacqui's previous experience being a graphic designer gives her a professional understanding of colour, texture and pattern design. Together with her obsessive attention to detail, Jac strives for perfection in everything she creates.