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Design Psychology for Creatives Masterclass

Unleash the Power of Design Psychology with Michelle Armitage.


Michelle is an Interiors Psychologist who combines the fields of interior design and psychology. She is passionate about changing the conversations in society from just following the latest trends and fashions in interior design to wanting to know how to create truly personal interiors based on an individual’s unique preferences.

This course is an introduction to Design Psychology for Creatives. Clients often come to creatives for help with their interior projects because they lack the skills or confidence to do it themselves. Despite this, there is sometimes a struggle to make bold and individual choices and a strong pull to continue to ‘play it safe’.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the core of someone's personality and its connection to their design preferences.

  • Navigate and resolve client resistance, guiding them toward making the best choices for their space.

  • Create personalised design personality profiles, both for yourself and your clients.

  • Manage the complexities of designing for couples, families, and diverse living environments with multiple personalities to consider.

  • Craft your own design personality board or that of a client you are currently working with (materials provided).


Throughout the course, Michelle will reference her insightful book, "Your Design Personality at Home," a key resource to help you unlock the secrets of interior design tastes. For your convenience, the book will be available for purchase at an additional cost of £25.

Tutor: Michelle Armitage

Venue: UP Studios, Unit 26, Barton Hill Trading Estate, Maze Street, BS5 9 TQ

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: £150

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