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As you know, upholstery is a wonderfully rewarding skill to be practicing.


The lack of 'time and space' to work on your upholstery project can be a constant barrier.


Whether you do upholstery for fun, for your own home, for friends, for escapism or for extra money - Bristol Upholstery Club is a space for you!


A space to meet, share, work & play, to create, buy materials & use tools, to collaborate, be inspired & be happy.






How it works:


You can join Bristol Upholstery Club for £25 per month by paying in store at the start of each month.


You will be asked to fill in the Application form, agreeing to the Terms & Conditions to become an Upholstery Club Member.


You then can attend Monday evenings from 6pm - 9pm as a regular allocated slot to work on your project


You will then have access to communal Upholstery tools and can buy ‘Chair amounts’ of upholstery materials in the work/shop


Each session, you sign into the work/shop and upholster to your hearts content.



Already have the skills?

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