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Learn about the importance of furnishings in this creative interior design workshop. ‘Furniture as Art - Designing Statement Chairs’ is an exciting collaboration, brought to you by the director of Bristol Upholstery Collective, Leigh-Anne Treadwell and art advisor of Art & People, Claudia Kennaugh.

Our experts will be presenting the theory and thought process behind eliciting and commissioning one-of-a-kind statement chairs, talking through the consultation process of identifying style, tuning into your taste and understanding how you want the chair to feel in your home. Gain practical knowledge of fabrics, sourcing and specifying.

**During this exciting half day workshop, you will discover:**

- What meaningful art feels like and the important role it plays
- Find your true taste using a toolkit to identify style
- Build confidence to make bolder, less safe choices
- Learn how to juxtapose styles confidently
- How to plan the practical application of upholstery
- The techniques to emphasize and accentuate chair features
- How to recognise fabric types, their usage and suitability

This course is ideal for those offering interior design consultation or upholstery services to help elicit your customer's taste and requirements, sustainably so they can own chairs with meaningful connection and a story to tell.


About the workshop hosts:


Leigh-Anne: BBC One TV Upholsterer

BBC One TV Upholsterer, otherwise known as ‘The Chairy God-mother’ works her magic on chairs rescued from landfill, turning them into unique art items. Her love of intuitive design and playful use of colour has won awards in education and interiors. Her energy, passion and drive attract clients who specifically want to share in her passion for creative upholstery.


Claudia Kennaugh - Founder of Art & People:

Founder of Art & People, an art advisory service offering guidance to artists and collectors. She co-runs Hollywood Road Gallery in London and has curated fairs and exhibitions with artworks from all over the world. Art & People supports the professional development of artists with coaching, tutorials and workshops. Claudia curates private art collections, helping collectors to buy, frame and hang art that they love with her community of artists.


Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Level: Beginners & Improvers

Location: Bristol Upholstery Collective, 186 Wells Rd, BS4 2AL

Cost: £75

Furniture as Art - Designing Statement Chairs Saturday 27th April 2024

  • All courses require time and incur costs prior to its duration, in creating a wonderfully enjoyable learning experience for the participant, as a beginner/improver student, to gain maximum value for money and achieve advanced skill upholstery.

    Due to the nature of preparation involved, there can be no refund offered to the student if they can not attend the specific course once booked. Only if the tutor cancels the course for any unseen circumstances will a full refund be given within 30 days of the course cancellation. 

    If you become ill with Covid 19 please forward your positive test result email to be refunded your course fee.

    Please note that the tutor can accept no responsibility for injuries taking place over the course duration. There is a small risk of non life- threatening injury, plasters are provided but will have to be administered by the student him/herself to adhere to health & safety regulations. Small cuts and pinpricks to the skin are occasionally expected.


    A health & safety talk will be given at the start of the course advising action and care to be taken at all times.


    Please ensure proper use of all tools during the workshop to ensure student safety and quality continuation of the tools owned by Bristol Upholstery Collective and fellow students.


    Please be considerate towards other students within the space and take care to work at a safe distance.


    Upholstery can be a physically demanding and strenuous activity. Students are responsible for communicating their needs and helping themselves to remain comfortable and free from risk of injury at all costs.


    A positive attitude is of upmost importance to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Please be kind to yourself during challenging moments and remember you are learning an age-old process and are achieving advanced traditional upholstery skills to be practiced and proud of.


    Many Thanks for your co- operation and understanding.



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