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Receive a £295 gift voucher to give someone speacial a kick to gain the skills you know they'd love, forever!

This is the cost of the 'Traditional Foot Stool' intensive traditional upholstery weekend, that is designed to deliver the 'whole' upholstery experience. The perfect introduction to all the tools, materials and tricks of the trade - with stunning results to take home (and put your feet up!) (Voucher not limited to this project).

Valid for 1 year.

Can be redeemed on any of the courses available at by emailing

Upon purchase you will recieve a voucher pdf document link to download and print.

You will then recieve an email with your unique voucher 'ref. no.' and 'valid to' date.

You can fill in your voucher and gift it to someone who will absolutely love it!

£295 Voucher -The perfect beginners experience!

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