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Date: Wednesdays

Venue: ** NEW VENUE** Bristol Upholstery Collective , Unit 26 Maze Street, Barton Hill Industrial Estate BS59TQ

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tutor: Leigh-Anne Treadwell - BUC Creative Director

Tool hire included. Upholstery materials are charge separatley at student discount rate.

Bring along your project and top fabric of choice.

Please download the Leisure Course Information Pack detailing very thing you need to know in preparation for your enjoyable upholstery learning experience.

COVID19 Satey Measures sent upon request/booking

Intensive Upholstery Course Wednesday 6th November 2024 - 6 week term

  • Intensive classes are a wonderful chance to really enjoy learning traditional upholstery techniques in a mixed class where all students work on different items of furniture. You'll benefit from seeing a variety of works be completed alongside your own project.


    The beauty of a weekly class is the available time to complete homework if you wish to really make the most of tuition during the lesson - you can achieve so much more!


    Beginners are advised to start with a small project in preparation to take on more ambitious projects, attending an additional term, once familiarised with the traditional tools and materials.


    This course is designed to enable a natural progression in skills regularly attending each term to work towards a self instigated syllabus. Why not start with a drop in chair, and work your way up to larger items with confidence by making this day your regular Well-being Wednesday.

    The team at Bristol Upholstery Collective can guide you as to an order of suitable projects to be achieved whilst you work on projects that you love!


    Preparation: Upon booking, please email a photo of your intended project.

    Please specify if your chair needs Recovering or Reupholstering.

    You will be advised any preparation necessary.


    Recovering = Taking the top fabric off and replacing with new - the structure of the seat is in tact and strong enough to last another 30 years of usage.

    Reupholstering = In need of ripping all layers off to bare frame, and rebuilding - uncomfortable to sit on, saggy, wobbly joints, springs falling through the base etc. Prepare to spend twice as long completing the fascinating upholstery rebuild process.


    Your individual project plan will be discussed with your tutor on your first session whilst assessing the restoration details of your furniture item.


    Travel & Storage: Please be prepared to travel with your chair, to and from class each week. We have many students and not enough space to store their chairs. If this is an issue for you, we recommend you attend a Weekend Chair Workshop and arrange drop off and pick up.


    If your chair is more ‘advanced’, please book onto a beginners workshop with an easier project as an introduction, then join us for another term to attempt your project.

    This way you’ll have the confidence to cut into your fabric and enjoy the learning process a whole lot more! It can be nerve wracking going straight in with an advanced recover, having spent a chunk of money on 6 metres of fabric!


    Take our advice - enjoy the process!


  • All courses require time and incur costs prior to its duration, in creating a wonderfully enjoyable learning experience for the participant, as a beginner/improver student, to gain maximum value for money and achieve advanced skill upholstery.


    Due to the nature of preparation involved, there can be no refund offered to the student if they can not attend the specific course once booked. Only if the tutor cancels the course for any unseen circumstances will a full refund be given within 30 days of the course cancellation.

    If you miss any classes, we cannot offer 'catch up' sessions due to the number of students enrolled and the complications of our teachers' schedules. If you need more time to complete a project, you will need to re-book another course or get in touch with us about suitable evening or weekend courses that may be available and that would suit your needs.

    Upholstery materials are to be bought in either half or full metre widths.

    Any materials used will be noted and charged for at student discount rate at the end of the term. This can be paid by card for a £1 charge or invoiced to your email address for transfer payment. Late payments may incur interest fees.



    Please note that the tutor can accept no responsibility for injuries taking place over the course duration. There is a small risk of non life- threatening injury, plasters are provided but will have to be administered by the student him/herself to adhere to health & safety regulations. Small cuts and pinpricks to the skin are occasionally expected.


    A health & safety talk will be given at the start of the course advising action and care to be taken at all times.


    Please ensure proper use of all tools during the workshop to ensure student safety and quality continuation of the tools owned by Bristol Upholstery Collective and fellow students.


    Please be considerate towards other students within the space and take care to work at a safe distance.


    Upholstery can be a physically demanding and strenuous activity. Students are responsible for communicating their needs and helping themselves to remain comfortable and free from risk of injury at all costs.


    A positive attitude is of upmost importance to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Please be kind to yourself during challenging moments and remember you are learning an age-old process and are achieving advanced traditional upholstery skills to be practiced and proud of.


    Many Thanks for your co- operation and understanding.




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