The 'take a pew' project was first conceived when Joseph studios removed some unwanted pews from a local church.


In collaboration with Bristol Upholstery Collective, we agreed we wanted a local artist to design the pattern on the fabric. It wasn't long before friend and painter Kat Stevens was approached to be that artist. Her deeply rich and emotional oil paintings lent themselves perfectly to the project, leading to her stunning painting ‘drift’ hugging these pair of chairs.


Pews by their very nature have had years of faithful posteriors park up for times of prayer, contemplation, meditation and devotion. Pews are places of both wrestling and rest, questions and answers, hurts and hopes, doubts and faith, confession and forgiveness, facing fears and finding comfort. Often seen as 'hard' chairs to get sit on to keep people awake during long sermons of old, we've turned them into the seats of grace they should always have been. Go on, hang up your hang ups and take a pew.


Digital print velvet

"Take a Pew" (Printed Pair)


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