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Interior Design Masterclass
Paintworks Exhibition 2022


If the New Year has you dreaming of updating your home then come and learn the essential interior design skills you need with Zoe Hewett, interior designer at Stylemongers Of Bristol and BBC’s My Unique B&B.


You will receive an Interior Design Kit worth £49.99 to use during the workshop, which will cover space planning and scale floorplan drawing, colour theory, setting a brief and top tips for moodboarding.


No experience is required!


This three hour session will give you the confidence you need to tackle your home redecoration with clarity, focus and joy and you can take your kit home to use again every time you do another room.

"Working with an interior designer - that would be a dream, wouldn’t it?
Only we don’t all have that kind of cash lying around. And anyway, it’s fun getting stuck in and doing the creative stuff yourself, right?

If only there was some sort of middle ground… Well, now there is!

The Stylemongers of Bristol Interior Design Kit is your very own interior designer in a box. With tools, tasks and templates you can use again and again, it’s a way to explore your natural creativity, discover new skills, and create a home that reflects your true, authentic style."

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