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'Ercol' style - Advanced Sewing Workshop



Sleek, simple and iconic!


Create your own unique set of box or shaped cushions for your vintage chair, sofa, foot stool.

Most Armchairs have loose cushion seats, otherwise known as ‘Box Cushions’. These are often piped and have a zip to make the cover removable. 


This weekend sewing workshop is designed specifically for  'Ercol' style, mid-century modern, vintage Armchairs or Sofa’s.


Sewing skills are very different to those needed to reupholster furniture, and Mid Century Ercol items are slightly different again. To enable us to deliver quality tuition, we keep these courses separate as to not distract tutors with sewing issues during upholstery classes. It’s difficult to teach both skills in the same class, although we are very happy to help you prepare.


To sew an 'Ercol' box cushion, a good level of sewing knowledge is helpful so we recommend you attend a beginners sewing workshop so you are comfortable taking on this challenge. We aim to build confidence and achieve quality results. A great deal of precision and patience is required when learning, so basic knowledge and a fearless approach are encouraged.

​Specific Skills

  • Replacing Modern Webbing

  • Create a template/pattern

  • Pipping

  • Buttoning

  • Insert an invisible zip

  • Create a shaped or box cushion

  • Make and insert studded tape or ties

  • Use an industrial sewing machine and overlocker

Information prior to course

  • how to measure up foam

  • different types of

  • Advice on Fabric

Students bring

  • Foam- High firm blue with a Dacron wrap and stockinet

  • Fabric- Estimate via email

Venue: Bristol Upholstery Collective 186 Wells Road BS42AL

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Duration: 2 Day

Cost: £325 


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