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Need an Upholsterer?

When it comes to upholstery, our creative team of Upholsterers take their job very seriously.  Not only because we uphold the high standards expected of us as an approved AMUSF Training Centre & Member - The Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers but because we value the relationship between our customers and their much loved furniture.


As such, when we have an enquiry such as yours, we take it very seriously.

Our approach to upholstery is one of true collaboration, starting with inviting you to a consultation with our creative team.

Here we really get down to the nitty gritty, sharing ideas, colours, materials, and design. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with something you never thought of doing.

We love this stage of the process and never fail to get excited with you! 


Before you get too excited though, we need to firstly understand a bit more about your item and to give you an idea of the cost. 

We emphasise’ an idea of the cost’  as we never quite know what to expect once when we start peeling back the layers.

There may also be additional requirements, and the speacialist techniques can be time consuming producing high quality results to last.

Please bear this in mind. 

Domestic Upholstery

Comercial Upholstery

Artist Product Creation

BBC One 'Money For Nothing'

You’ve come to the right place!


Here at  Bristol Upholstery Collective we pride ourselves on being able to take even the most run-down chair and make it beautiful again.  


Send a photo of your project to and we’ll send you a free estimate valid for 3 months.


We will guide you through the design process so you get exactly what you’re looking for.  

Price Guide:


Chairs come in all shapes, sizes and states of disrepair so each piece will need to be assessed and priced accordingly, but to give you a rough idea:


Armchairs  from £425


Sofas from £895


Headboards from £195


Box Cushions from £65

Scatter Cushions from £35


**Prices do not include fabric (but we can give you an idea of the quantity you’ll need, so when you fall in love with a fabric, you know what it might cost to compete your project.


Here at BUC we are fully qualified in traditional upholstery methods as well as modern, so even if your chair is 100+ years old, we can restore it lovingly with no foam in sight.

We might even be able to re-use the horsehair!


Please arrange to visit us between the hours of 10am - 5pm

Bristol Upholstery Collective

186 Wells Road


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